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Yamaha MT-125

Don't be afraid of the Dark!

Yamaha's new generation of MT models have totally shaken up the world of motorcycling. With their radical style and ultra cool image, the MT family is all about pure riding emotion. Now the new MT-125 is here. And the 125cc class is never going to be the same again!

With its awesome looking naked chassis, the MT-125 really is like nothing else. Featuring aggressive streetfighter style that demands attention wherever you go, this bike has some serious attitude. And with its full-size chassis the latest MT gets maximum respect on the street.

You're only young once. So make sure that the new MT-125 becomes a part of your life. Now.


Yamaha YZF-R125 2014

Welcome to the world of R-Series

Right now there's a bike that offers everything you could have dreamed of...and more! Surf the net and check out the rivals. And you'll see that nothing in the 125cc class can match what our latest Yamaha YZF-R125 has to offer.

That's because this remarkable motorcycle has been developed using the same advanced design and technology that makes our larger capacity R-series models some of the most respected bikes on the street and track.

Its radical bodywork is a direct spin off from our World Championship winning R6. And with class-leading features like upside down front forks, aluminium swinging arm and a short-stroke liquid-cooled engine, the YZF-R125 is built to thrill.


The New 2014 Yamaha YBR125

This way, even the rush hour's fun

Eager to please, this punchy 4-stroke will happily propel you around city streets with its smooth fuel injection and five-speed gearbox. For 2014 a new mini cowling not only gives the YBR a sleeker look, together with the tank covers it improves rider comfort levels by providing added weather protection.

Benefiting from a light, diamond-shaped chassis, the YBR125 offers controlled handling and effective suspension for a reassuring ride. Braking comes courtesy of a front disc and rear drum brake and a sculpted dual seat and passenger grab rails guarantees comfort for both rider and pillion.

Built for easy-going performance and reliability, the YBR125 won't let you down.


Yamaha YBR125ED Red Spirit
Yamaha YBR125ED Competition White
Yamaha YBR125ED Midnight Black
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The All New Sherco 2014

The All New 2014 Sherco

Sherco continues the evolution of its trial models with the introduction of the new ST2014 range. The star of the 2014 series is the new ST 1.2. The junior model Sherco receives a new engine plus all of the general improvements of the series. The new engine has, new cases, a new crankshaft with a longer stroke, it also has a reduced piston diameter along with a new cylinder head. These changes result in a significant increase in power, which opens up new opportunities for development. Thanks to new thermodynamics, a new exhaust system and a new ignition management board, which was designed specifically for the new engine configuration, this new engine is an evolutionary change that has produced substantial benefits.

This new engine is fitted with a new exhaust system, it is composed of a new exhaust outlet that flows into a completely new muffler and expansion chamber. The exterior design is totally new and the inside of the chamber receives even more changes. The net result is a system the improves the efficiency of the movement of the exhaust gases which optimizes the engine breathing in every situation. This change in the exhaust system is common to the whole Sherco range.

The Sherco ST2014 model range will be available in five engine sizes, 80cc, 125cc, 250cc, 290cc and 300cc.


The All New Gas Gas 2014

The All New Gas Gas 2014


The new generation of Gas Gas trial motorbikes has arrived, with improved brakes, a reinforced rear axle and fast removal system for the selector shaft among the main new features. Gas Gas never ceases its quest for continuous improvement in order to remain the trial motorbike par excellence. The TXT Pro 2014 is synonymous with precision and stability. With these goals in mind, the new generation of the lightest motorbike on the market features Galfer Wave brake discs and AJP Braktec brakes. The clutch pump is also made by AJP Braktec, and is quicker and more effective than its predecessor.
In the rear, the new link in the shock absorption system makes this motorbike more stable and precise on its rear axle, as do its reinforced tie rods. Another new feature shared by this new model and the TXT Raga Replica is the fast removal system for the selector shaft, which allows it to be replaced in a matter of minutes. No obstacle resists the TXT Pro 2014, with an engine that provides great response at low speeds and excellent performance. To make this brilliant machine even better, we've introduced a new and improved filter box seal and changed the grips for greater handlebar sensitivity for the rider. The TXT Pro 2014, will all new decoration, will be available late this July in four different versions: 125, 250, 280 and 300cc.

The All New Beta 2014

The All New Beta 2014



The EVO range has been completely revised for 2014: new frame, new plastics, improved ergonomics and greater versatility.

Improving what for years has been the benchmark in Trial is always difficult, but once again the Tuscany House has managed to make a major development in its 2014 EVO models, starting with the introduction of a technology that has never been previously applied in the Trial market. The new 2014 EVO is in fact the first trial bike in the World to use a frame where the main section is obtained by hydroforming with all the advantages that this technology allows. Ease of maintenance, friendly riding, and ergonomics are further improved on the 2014’s by raising the bar to an even higher level of quality in the EVO family. The experience gained in the last year of racing and the constant research for new technical solutions, have led to an excellent product under any point of view. Donato Miglio, Beta Trial Factory Team Manager, describes the EVO 2014: "Powerful and easy for riders of any level, the bike is extremely versatile with a great travel range. From your first ride you feel the EVO was made for your needs." The 2014 EVO is therefore an excellent bike able to compete at the highest levels in national and international competitions and at the same time allows hobby riders to discover how easy the new EVO is to ride.

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