Hjc Smart Hjc 20b Bluetooth

Brand: Hjc
Hjc Smart Hjc 20b Bluetooth

TAILORED DESIGN FOR HJC HELMETS SMART HJC 20B is a Bluetooth communication system co-developed with SENA tailored specially for HJC's helmets. SMART HJC Bluetooth 20B can be installed on HJC's various models and due to compact size and aerodynamic design of the Bluetooth unit, it enhances overall look and aerodynamic design of the helmet. Based on SENA's best-selling model 20S, the 20B model provides optimal Bluetooth environment with intuitive operation and easy installation of the unit. Please enjoy SMART HJC 20B's multi-function: phone call, listen to music, GPS guide and intercom. SMART HJC AND OPTIMAL RIDING The SMART HJC 20B provides various functions such as group intercom for optimum riding experience. With the Universal IntercomT SMART HJC 20B can be connected to various Bluetooth communication devices. The Noise ControlT feature suppresses wind sound and other noises effectively during intercom or phone calls maintaining the high audio quality. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR HJC HELMETS The Dual Bluetooth chip inside the SMART HJC 20B allows you to enjoy intercom conversations and music listening at the same time through Audio MultitaskingT. With Audio MultitaskingT the music volume automatically decreases when a conversation starts and it returns to the original volume when the conversation ends. Group intercom: You can also communicate with 7 riders at the same time in a maximum range of 1.6 km. APPLICABLE MODELS: • RPHA 11 Carbon • RPHA 70 Carbon • RPHA 90s Carbon • RPHA 90s • F70 Carbon • F70 • I30 • I90 • V90 • C80 • C91