RST Back Protector Plus Lv 2

Brand: RST
RST Back Protector Plus Lv 2

The RST Contour Plus Level 2 Back Protector can be fitted into any RST jacket and is now standard in all equipment in all 2016 pro series jacket. European standard EN 1621-2:2003 defines two levels of performance for CE approved back protectors. The test apparatus and procedure is similar to that of EN 1621-1:1997 but with a different impactor and anvil configuration. The impactor is a rounded triangular faced prism, of length of 160mm, base 50mm, heigh 30.8mm and radius 12.5mm. The anvil is a radiused cylinder, with its axis orientated to the direction of impact, of height 190mm, diameter 100mm and rounded end radius 150mm. Level 2back protectors: the average peak force recorded below the anvil in the tests shall be below 9kN and no single value shall exceed 12kN.