Putoline Fuel Inject & Valve

Brand: Putoline
Putoline Fuel Inject & Valve

Fuel Inject & Valve Cleaner is a professional petrol additive for all 2 and 4-stroke petrol engines. It removes deposits from the entire fuel system. Properties: Optimises fuel atomization and combustion Increases engine power Reduces fuel consumption Ensures a quick cold-start Prevents rough engine idling and misfiring when accelerating Keeps exhaust gas emissions as low as possible Catalytic converter friendly Instructions for use: Pour into the petrol tank before fuelling Normal consumption: 1 bottle per 4000 km Heavily contaminated systems: 1 bottle on the first 3 times you fill up, then maintenance dose Unfavourable usage (short journeys, city driving, low annual mileage): 1 bottle per 2000 km 325 ml treats a maximum of 50 litres of petrol.