Oxford Quartz Xa10 Disc Lock Yell

Part No: LK216
Brand: Oxford
Oxford Quartz Xa10 Disc Lock Yell

This Quartz XA10/XA6 is a super strong motorcycle and scooter alarm disc lock. The Quartz XA10/XA6 has a key replacement service so that if you are unfortunate enough to lose all your keys a new one can be made up. Just remember to take note of your key number and keep this in a safe place. Features Tough and durable alarm disc locks ideal for all scooters and motorcycles loud 110dB alarm siren - movement activated Twin spar lock chassis for double strength and cut resistance Alloy construction with 6mm or 10mm hardened locking pin Rechargeable high power lithium polymer battery (USB cable included) Unique design; includes minder cable attachment eye