Mint Brake Cleaner

Part No: OC202
Brand: Mint
Mint Brake Cleaner

It's important to keep your brakes clean for efficient braking and to help your regular inspection of moving parts and pads. Mint Brake Cleaner is specially formulated to efficiently remove any build-up of brake dust and dirt and leave a decontaminated surface for the perfect functioning of your brakes. It's also acetone-free and safe on rubber components. It of course features a clean, minty scent. The cleaning power your pride and joy deserves. Key Features • Maintains brake performance. • Easy to use, high power delivery removes brake dust and brake fluid. • Rapid working formula leaves brakes clean in minutes. • Deep penetrating action. • Fast drying leaving a residue-free surface. • Clean, minty scent. • Not tested on animals. Great For • Disc Brakes • Calipers • Clutches How To 1. Spray directly onto the brake discs and pads to remove dirt. 2. Allow the product to evaporate. 3. Remove any excess with a clean cloth.