Forma Boulder Trials Boots Brown

Brand: Forma
Forma Boulder Trials Boots Brown

Outer Full-grain oil treated leather upper Specific Trial double density compound rubber sole Thermoformed S.A.S. (Safety Ankle Shield) for added protection Injection moulded plastic protections Shaped shin plate with air ventilation pockets Rear dented heel cup to facilitate gear change when standing Personalized suede leather heat protector Adjustable velcro closure Replaceable/adjustable GH plastic buckles Inner Padded inner lining Optional: personalized and replaceable Forma Drytex tubular lining (waterproof and breathable) sock Polyurethane nylon reinforcements Soft polymer padding with memory foam I.S.S. (Incorporated Steel Shank) with anti-shock felt midsole Anti-bacterial replaceable footbed with A.P.S. (Air Pump System)