Acf -50 Corrosion 32oz Spray

Brand: Acf
Acf -50 Corrosion 32oz Spray

Use on heads, cooling fins, throttle linkages, brake cables, battery terminals, voltage regulator, suspension, engine components, torsion, bars, fuel control units, fuse box, swing arm, relays and connectors, undercarriage, chain, ignition switch, security systems, FOBs and more! ACF-50 can be sprayed on, wiped on with a rag, or professionally fogged for complete protection  Forms an active ultra-thin, clear film that kills existing corrosion cells, and will protect your bike against new corrosion forming  ACTIVE which means it keeps on working - doesn't need reapplying after every wash  Contains no water, silicon, Teflon or wax - No sticky build up  Safe for use on electronics  Chemically neutralizes road salt  Dries out moisture  Safe on all components; electronics, chrome, paint and plastic