Niu MQi


Battery & Fast Charge


Battery Brand . Panasonic

Capacity  26Ah

Voltage  48V

Battery Weight  8.1kg

EU Homoligation Range: 51km

Est. City-Riding Range: 60-70km

Charger Size  161 X 84 X 42.5


Battery Brand . Panasonic

Capacity  32Ah

Voltage  48V

Battery Weight  8.3kg

EU Homoligation Range: 58km

Est. City-Riding Range: 70-80km

Charger Size  161 X 84 X 42.5

Battery and Fast Charge

Cell Type: Lithium-ion Battery

Housing Material: Integrated Aluminum Alloy

Standard Charging Time: 6 hours

Charging Method: Direct Charge / Battery Charge

Power System

Motor: BOSCH

Controller: FOC Vector Controller



BOSCH Motor: 800w

Torque 95N.m

Incline Start  13°

Brake Type  Front Disc Brake, Rear Drum Brake

Brake Distance  Dry 1.8m, Wet 2.5m (20km/h)

M Pro

BOSCH Motor: 1200w

Torque 110N.m

Incline Start  15°

Brake Type  Front Disc Brake, Rear Drum Brake

Brake Distance  Dry 1.8m, Wet 2.5m (20km/h)

A NIU Combination
Smart Design + Style

The M-Series is an evolution of the NIU design language that puts a modern twist on heritage scooter design.             

The Next Generation of Lithium-ion has Arrived

We've harnessed Panasonic lithium-ion technology to get 51-65km of range in an impossibly light 8.3kg battery pack,
and the all new handle and aluminum alloy casing make it easy and smart to carry on the go.

Elevated Craftsmanship

We painstakingly designed and crafted every element of this scooter, inside and out.
No matter how you interact with the M-Series, we want it to be a world-class experience.

An All NIU Riding Experience

M-Series is smaller and lighter than its big brother, the N-Series. We worked with Bosch to jointly develop a smaller motor that requires lower energy consumption while still giving the zip you need in urban areas.

Iconic Lighting, Enhanced Security

When you are riding a NIU your safety is our number one concern. Our iconic rear and front lamp designs provide extended visibility for you and other on coming traffic. We design our lighting to be both functional and beautiful.

Smart Data. Smart Rider.

The M-Series is always connected to the NIU Cloud, allowing riders to monitor data in real-time and conduct diagnostic checks and daily use statistics straight from their mobile phon             

Engine Type

Displacement Cc



1 speed

Bore X Stroke

Compression Ratio

Max Power Output

Max Torque



Fuel Capactiy

Tyre Size Front

Tyre Size Rear

Brakes Front

Brakes Rear


1640 mm x 657 mm x 1099 mm


1150 mm

Seat Height

Ground Clearance

126 mm

Kerb Weight