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The new RST Pro Series boot is the culmination of over a year of testing and development. We had so many areas we wanted to perfect on this boot, it has been through no less than 9 prototype versions before now. Finally, we are happy to release it for you to use! The Pro Series boot has been designed for racing and fast track use. But, we know from our experience with the supremely successful TracTech Evo boot, that the boot would have to perform just as well on the road. On the previous page we looked at some of the key areas we focused on in the development of this phenomenal boot. You can see the attention to detail we pay to every aspect of a product as it goes through RST’s famous development programme.


RST are pleased to introduce a new motorcycle boot for men; The Pro series race boot. With hours and hours of testing we believe we've created the best race boot for the UK! 

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