Brand: Motorex
Product Code: motorexethanol

  • More than just a fuel stabiliser or a system cleaner but with the benefits of both; Motorex Ethanol Treatment is a biochemical fuel improver and stabiliser:

  • Improves the properties of all fuels blended with ethanol.

  • Reduces ethanol and fuel separation during storage and reduces the corrosion damage caused by ethanol when motorcycles are left stored for a period of time.

  • Optimises combustion: Ethanol does not burn as cleanly and efficiently as the rest of unleaded fuel and that can result in a small power loss. This product helps improve that burn and efficiency.

  • Reduces corrosion.

  • Ensures the engine runs more smoothly

  • Removes deposits in the combustion chamber

  • Regenerates old fuel

  • Assists with the removal of water from the fuel system

  • Suitability for use with catalytic converters has been checked

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