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Kappa Luggage Top Case K30N
The waterproof top-case K30 offers a capacity of 30 ltrs: enough space to hold an integral helmet an..
Kappa Luggage Top Case K35N
Monolock® Topcase, waterproof, 35 ltrs. Automatic opening/closing system. Top-case with red reflec..
Kappa Luggage Top Case K46N
Waterproof Topcase Monolock System®, 46 ltrs Automatic opening/closing system. Top-case, capacity ..
Kappa Luggage Top Case K48N
Monokey top-case capacity 48 ltrs - Waterproof - Available in black embossed finish Top-case, c..
Kappa Luggage Top Case K49N
Waterproof Monokey top-case capacity 47 ltrs Available in black embossed Top-case, capacity 47 ltr..
Kappa Luggage Top Case K53N
A waterproof Monokey top-case able to satisfy the requirements of those who need to travel with cons..
Kappa Luggage Panniers K33N
The K33 side case, with a 33lt capacity, is supplied with the revolutionary Monokey Side® fixing sys..
Kappa Luggage Panniers K40N
Pair of side cases capacity 40 ltrs - Waterproof - Available in black embossed finish - Compati..
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