Brand: TRS
Product Code: trs2802020


The new TRS One R 2020, maintains the essence of the model ONE, which is easily distinguished by its aluminum anodized frame and the Tech Aluminum front fork, propelled on this occasion by the new engine of RR, and equipped with a one-track REIGER rear shock and a Keihin carburetor.

The incorporation of the ONE R model by TRS to its catalogue, responds to the continued demand from consumers, of a motorcycle using TOP components at a more accessible price, developed on the basis of the ONE, there is an improvement in quality when using the new ENGINE of the RR, better performance on the rear suspension thanks to a REIGER shock one truck, simple and effective and with the incorporation of a KEIHIN carburetor enhancing it´s Racing style. New ONE R includes as well other differences towards the ONE, such as the NEKEN handlebar, the front brake clamp BRAKTEC monoblock of four pistons and GALFER disks, DUNLOP D803 GP tires, new frame side protectors and the new chain tensioner.

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