Brand: Sherco
Product Code: Sherco3002018


250/300 ST Factory

Albert Cabestany does not neglect any detail to reach the world podium: his ST Factory is a model of precision and efficiency. The new factory replica is almost identical to the bike Albert competes on and is available in both 250 and 300 displacements. The ST Racing models are equipped with many special parts such as the Tech aluminum fork,  an Öhlins shock absorber, Michelin X-Lite tires, Galfer brake discs, CDI dual spark ignition, a Sherco cylinder head and an updated diaphragm clutch that is even more precise. The total package is enhanced with the Factory replica graphics, creating a stunning look.

  • Adjustable aluminum Tech fork
  • Öhlins shock absorber
  • Galfer brake discs
  • Sherco CNC cylinder head with interchangeable dome
  • Exhaust pipe Ø 40 mm
  • New Braktec clutch master cylinder
  • Optimized clutch
  • Light Skid plate
  • Blue Anodizing: Cylinder Head / Rims
  • Titanium Anodizing: Foot Rests S3 / Chain Tensor / Cylinder Master Covers
  • Black anodization: Triple clamps and mudguard holder
  • Sherco Special Handlebar Foam
  • 2017 Factory graphics

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