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We’ve used the same block as the original Blade but added loads of details, including  built in TPU shoulder sliders to aid with collarbone protection, as you would expect the Blade comes with a full suite of Contour Plus armour, including a certified back protector. We also use are proven SinAqua waterproof and breathable membrane so when you’ve got the jacket and jean connected yours sure to stay protected from the elements!

100% Polyester PU Coated 

Stretch Panels

100% Polyester Fixed Mesh Lining

Taffeta 100% Polyester Removable Lining

Breathable SinAqua Membrane Lining

360 Connection Zip

Nylon PU Coated Slider 

RST Contour Plus Elbow and Shoulder Protectors 

ICB-M Impact Core Back Protector 

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