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The Jitsie Motion 2 jacket is the ultimate lightweight jacket for trials. It utilizes a soft and flexible outer shell that’s both water-repellent and breathable for optimal riding comfort in even the worst weather conditions. The super light quality zippers are an absolute must for any trials rider to easily reach and put away the score card. With plenty of storage pockets there is no problem to take all the essentials with you while riding. To increase ventilation throughout the jacket, we installed multiple air vents in strategic spot to ensure maximum coolness. Of course, with the zip-off sleeves that can be easily stored in the back pockets, the choice is all yours!

Key features of the Jitsie Motion 2 jacket:
* Water-repellent and breathable outer shell
* Fleece lined collar for extra comfort
* Hassle free minimalist neck closure
* Multiple vents prevent overheating
* Zip-off sleeves that can be easily stored in the rear side pocket

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