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Traditionally styled in classic stock car paint, this Lightning McQueen replica gives the RPHA 11 a flamboyant style that will really get the wearer noticed. #95 never looked so cool! Ka-chowl! 
HJC once again sets new standards for helmet performance. Many additional design innovations create an aerodynamically superior helmet with excellent ventilation, ultra-plus comfort and outstanding safety features. The RPHA 11 indisputably demonstrates why HJC remains #1 in the world.

- P.I.M. Plus shell construction comprised of carbon fibre, aramid and carbon-glass hybrid fibre provide enhanced shock-resistant performance, much comfort and lightness of helmet
- Precision top vent control
- Aerodynamic Top Vent
- Forehead vent
- Enlarged view port
- Multi-point shield locking system
- Redesigned side-intake vents
- Multi cool interior with advanced anti-bacteria fabric and enhanced moisture wicking for quick drying and comfort
- Helmet comes with two visors, one clear and one light smoke and an anti-fog lens

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