Brand: Gas Gas
Product Code: GGTXTCONTACT250


The 250cc Contact features a large capacity fuel tank holding 3.5 litres and comes with a detachable seat unit that makes the bike more suitable for long distance trials or trail riding. 

The bike is perfectly suitable for club and centre trials, with or without the seat.

The machine sports the well-known Gas Gas strong and light chrom-moly tubular chassis and aluminium swinging arm with linkage system. 

The rear shock is an Olle unit, with adjustable spring rate, while 40mm Olle forks are fitted up front.

Exhaust sports stainless steel front and tail pipes while Braktec brake calipers are fitted as are Pirelli tyres front and rear.

The liquid cooled engine is of course the tried and tested Gas Gas two-stroke unit with six-speed gearbox and Hydria ignition while breathing through a 26mm Dellorto carburettor.

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