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The NEW Pro Sub 4K still passes the CE 2 test at this amazingly high protection level; it has the Forcefield DRI-M Technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Materials) integrated throughout.

It fits close to the body, 3D custom moulding to the wearer’s shape. It has the ability to withstand multiple impacts, and contains hundreds of breathable vent holes throughout to help maintain body temperature. 

The multi-layered technical materials are now held together with Kevlar thread for added security and strength. These sit in a refreshed, removable cover that can be washed and kept clean.

The Pro Sub 4K has been engineered to offer the maximum in terms of safety and protection, yet is super comfortable and extremely durable.

The reason the original Pro Sub 4 has stood the test of time is the versatility that this product gives. It can be used on road, on track, touring, super moto and adventure. 

Still the same industry leading great product, now stronger, and with a new, fresh appearance.

*4kN is considered by experts to be the maximum amount of transmitted energy that should be subjected to a human to prevent severe back and rib trauma.

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