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The Axces III is an Arai helmet in a popular price segment. The Axces III is the perfect entrance to the world of Arai. With a complete new outer shell: stronger, stiffer and with a fresh, crisp styling. An important feature of this shell is the enlarged visor aperture, offering a 5 mm wider field of view at both sides of the aperture. A lot of attention has been paid to further improve and update the ventilation system. Especially for the AxcesII a complete new rear duct was designed. It increases the flow of hot and damp air out of the helmet interior and offers a unique look. A new front duct provides fresh and cool air around the top of the head. The luxury fixed inner liner of the AxcesII is made of a premium quality grey fabric. The cheek pads are removable. Several pad thicknesses are available to create a custom fit. The AxcesII offers the comfort, fit and features Arai is known for.

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